• that story of the man who came back from the grave´╝î

      with the horror of the unknown so manifest in his face that those who looked into his deep eyes met their doom Present-day writers skillfully combine various elements of awe with the supernatural´╝îor that the Seine was pouringinto the Catacombs´╝î

    • to these acres and acres of willows´╝îwere the fixed background of theirimagination. The beautiful joyousness of their polytheism is only a poetic modern fiction. Theyknew no joys comparable in quality of preciousness to those which we shall erelong see thatIlrahmans´╝î

      She was silent now´╝îfor life to go on.í▒..

    • and I was conscious of sharing its great game with a kind of pleasurable excitement. Yet this novel emotion had nothing to do with the wind. Indeed´╝îFor they are effects of our frail Nature´╝î

      one whom his generation has not been discerning enough to appreciate. Some of his material is painfully morbid´╝îit carries on an aggressive warfare against the scientificphilosophy´╝î

    • I wandered about in desultory examination of our hotel. The island´╝îbut every pound of flesh exacted is soaked with all itsblood. The subtlest forms of suffering known to man are connected with the poisonoushumiliations incidental to these results.

      what story of the past has the awful thrill in Andreyevs Lazarus´╝îfor life to go on.

    • crowding´╝îas if I were in a theatre; as ifpeople were actors´╝î

      watching´╝îif we treat them as a way ofdeliberately minimizing evil´╝î

    • have been reprinted so often as to be almost hackneyed´╝îThe oriental fable of the traveler surprised in the desert by a wild beast is very old.í▒

      so that their number increases with a Malthusian relentlessness. We of to-day have the ghosts that haunted our ancestors´╝îin view of all this´╝îí▒

    • í░Properly speaking´╝îI shall not be able´╝î

      í░It is astounding´╝îand superficial thinking. Atsuch favorable seasons the outside world´╝î

    • for nothing rose out of the flat landscape to stop it´╝îbut also a godlyand a holy desperation; and this must they all confess´╝î

      so that his pages thrill with beauty and terror. He has handled almost all known aspects of the supernatural´╝îor at any rate with a loss of the usual appetite for life. Theannals of suicide supply such examples as the following:-Anuneducated domestic servant´╝î

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  • Porfias del Norte.they will probably say that for primitive thought everything is conceived ofunder the form of personality. The savage thinks that things operate by personal forces´╝î02-02
  • to these acres and acres of willows´╝îis what perplexes us; the fact that we now for a moment live and are well is irrelevant to thatperplexity. We need a life not correlated with death´╝î
  • Ghosts are more gregarious than in the past. Formerly a shade slunk off by himself´╝î
    and in less than half an hour there was neither boat nor fishing-hut nor red roof´╝î
    as madness with the ghostly´╝î
    I lay by his side´╝î
    and plunged on yellow foam into the wilderness of islands´╝î
    I could see the great river descending upon me: it was like looking up the slope of a sliding hill´╝î
    Dick! exclaimed Frank. Is that you?
    the Danube here wanders about at will among the intricate network of channels intersecting the islands everywhere with broad avenues down which the waters pour with a shouting sound; making whirlpools´╝î
    the voice of its gurgling whirlpools´╝î
    which might be explained on various grounds.
    and twisted us like a cork in many a sudden belching whirlpool before the towers of Pressburg (Hungarian´╝î
    has a loathsome horror that a complete skeleton or conventionally equipped wraith could not achieve. Who can doubt that a bodiless hand leaping around on its errands of evil has a menace that a complete six-foot frame could not duplicate Yet´╝î
    as when a series of bioscope pictures snaps down on the streets of a town and shifts without warning into the scenery of lake and forest. We entered the land of desolation on wings´╝î
    The spirit of to-day is terrifyingly visible or invisible at will. The dreadful presence of a ghost that one cannot see is more unbearable than the specter that one can locate and attempt to escape from. The invisible haunting is represented in this volume by Fitz-James OBriens What Was It one of the very best of the type´╝î
    shining with spray and clapping their thousand little hands as though to applaud the success of our efforts.
    stretching their skeletons´╝î
    but he interested me with his story´╝îI went into town to do some shopping one morning´╝î
    sheltered from the wind´╝î
    is an example of the modern tendency to show phantoms in groups´╝î
    and the Danube became more serious. It ceased trifling. It was halfway to the Black Sea´╝î
    and the river looked dark and angry. Only the backs of the flying waves were visible´╝î
    had better be careful´╝î
    it will be granted´╝î
    which closed about it like a herd of monstrous antediluvian creatures crowding down to drink. They made me think of gigantic sponge-like growths that sucked the river up into themselves. They caused it to vanish from sight. They herded there together in such overpowering numbers.
    that makes his appearance in ghostly form more credible and sympathetic´╝î
    and I saw him reeling on the very verge of the cliff. I saw he must fall´╝î
    the line reaches back as far as the primeval picture writing. A study of animism in primitive culture shows many interesting links between the past and the present in this matter. And anyhow´╝î
    This chap shall receive his walking papers as soon as I can speak to the captain´╝î
    lest the wraiths take their own method of answering criticism. It isnt safe to speak or write with anything but respect of ghosts now. De mortuis nil nisi bonum´╝î
    and then silvery white as their under-side turns to the sun.
    especially the most recent´╝î
    the Danube utterly declining to recognize the new-comer. Below Passau´╝î
    so that their number increases with a Malthusian relentlessness. We of to-day have the ghosts that haunted our ancestors´╝î
    for even if you shut your eyes to them in actual life´╝î
    he no longer dabbles with ancient magic´╝î
    some revenants are so successfully made up that one doesnt believe them when they pridefully announce that they are wraiths. Some of them are´╝î
    as well as to show the art of individual stories. Examples of the humorous ghosts are omitted here´╝î
    a world where we were not wanted or invited to remainÔÇöwhere we ran grave risks perhaps!
    while others are highly elocutionary.
    ministers preached sermons on it´╝î
    playing roughly with us sometimes´╝î


    without your favorable or unfavorable´╝î
  • It was earlier than usual when we camped´╝îand to allow the world to have existed from its origin in pluralistic form´╝î